Zigen Blockchain Marker

Albert B Wong,  Chairman,  Zigen Medical Sciences


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Zigen is a knowledge-based company with expertise covering a number of fields which include pharmaceutical, IT and international cyber-marketing. Hence, Zigen is well positioned to utilize these advanced know-hows to usher in the “Zigen Blockchain Marker” to help its clients and their customers to become well-informed purchasers. In this process, commercial trustworthiness is reinforced while fraudulence and deceits are banished.


To provide Zigen’s clients and marker applicants a clear and definitive demarcation for their products’ and their operations’ attributes based on thorough verifications of the truthfulness of their declared attribute evidence. The declaration would further be rendered immutable through their recording in the Zigen Blockchain Attestation.

Marker’s Coverage

For pharmaceutical, healthfood, food products and medical devices, Zigen Blockchain Markers covers four attributes and applicants are encouraged to apply for all four areas :

  1. Authenticity
  2. Traceability
  3. Quality
  4. Safety

For organizational operations, depending on the nature of the organization, industry standards such as ISOs and GXPs (e.g. GAP, GMP etc.) will be used. Certificates for these operational standards should be procured for verifications.

Supportive Product Evidence

  • Authenticity
    1. Registration document(s) issued by the country of origin
    2. Exportation document(s)
  • Traceability
    1. Certificate of indigenousness issued by the local government
    2. Certificate(s)/document(s) by raw material supplier(s)
    3. Document(s) by the supply-chain on processing, packaging and warehousing
  • Quality –
    1. Certificate(s) on the quality(ies) of the product issued by a legitimate laboratory with reference to authoritative standard(s) listed in pharmacopeia, compendiums etc.
    2. Proof of endorsement, acceptance or accreditation of the above certificate(s) by the government of country of origin.
  • Safety –
    1. Certificate(s) on the safety of the natural product (e.g. herbs) issued by a legitimate laboratory complying to Hong Kong government’s requirements on :-
      1. Agricultural chemical residue(s)
      2. Fumigation residue(s)
      3. Heavy Metal(s)
      4. Aspergillus contents
    2. Safety certificate(s) for all ingestible products must be issued by legitimate laboratory(ies).

Applicants who are deficient in the completeness of their certificates can seek advice and assistance from Zigen to remedy the situation.