Cyber- and other Business Opportunities
for Canada, Hong Kong and China

Albert B. Wong, Ph.D.,  Chairman,  Zigen Medical Sciences


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Recently, a number of business opportunities were brought to Zigen that requires the collaborations of business professionals from the above 3 regions. If you or your friends find these opportunities worthy of your pursuing, you are welcomed to contact Zigen’s CEO, Mr. Arthur Yeung at

e-Cross-border Portal (跨境電商) + Canada Pavilion (加拿大館)

China recently ‘liberalized’ while strengthened the moitoring of this import channel in order to better meet the huge demands of the 300+million middle-class Chinese to purchase foreign products. This policy allows practically any legitimate product to be sold over the appointed ‘internet platforms’ to any Chinese ‘netizen’ after the product has been duly screened by the Customs as legitimate, safe and of good quality. Zigen currently serves as a ‘recommender’ to two of these ‘platforms’. On one of them, Zigen also founded and manages a ”Canada Pavilion” supported by the Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao, so that Canadian products could accentuate their national origin and identity in the market.

One of the most significant advantage of e-Cross-border Portal is that the ‘entry costs’ are minimal because no re-packaging or language changes is needed, as the products are regarded as being brought home by the Chinese ‘netizen’ directly from abroad. Furthermore, the amount of initial inventory is highly flexible depending on the estimated sales volume made by the supplier and it can be adjusted as sales increase. The pre-launch preparation period is short (in terms of weeks) with relatively low bureaucracy involved by the ‘platform’ and the Customs.

Obviously, e-Cross-border Portal offers an ideal test-market path for interntaional products, especially those that have to jump over high regulatory hurdles, such as pharmaceuticals and healthfood etc. Once sufficient cybermarketing experience has been gained, a supplier can then decide to proceed to register the product formally and/or to go all out for both online and offline sales. Throughout this process, Zigen‘s strategic consultancy services will standby to offer assitance whenever it is needed to enhance product introduction, exposures and awareness through advertisement, video and social media etc.


Zigen is setting up two cyber-clinics, one for western medicine and the other for traditonal Chinese medicine, to cater to the needs of Mainland patients who have high regards for HK and international medical professionalism. Once set up by next spring, these clinics, will also be ‘international’ as well in nature. Hence, they could be available to the whole world wherever local laws and jurisditions allow. Hence, both clinics can be used by overseas Chinese and non-Chinese alike.