4-D Anti-pandemic Total Solution

Albert B. Wong, Ph. D.,  Chairman,  Zigen Medical Sciences


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Will Pandemics Become a ‘Norm’ in Our Lifetime?

The virulence and unpredictability of Covid-19 led many scientists to warn about its recurrence in fall, 2020. But, by May, the Los Alamo-Duke University Team, after analyzing the European data, announced the emergence of a new and more active strain of Covid-19. Judging from this and the frequent occurrence of epidemics in the past half a century, as well as the global travel intensity, it seems highly likely that epidemics of various severity could become the ‘norm’ from now on.

Are Pandemics Preventable ?

Being of natural origin, the emergence of epidemics should be unpreventable. Various strategies have been developed in the past to counter the havoc wrought by the pathogens. Unfortunately, even the current best measures, such as the developments of vaccines and pathogen-specific drugs, often prove to be “too little, too late” in dealing with epidemics while the financial costs and the costs of human lives incurred have been disproportionately high.

Worse yet, often, these attempts proved to be futile when the pathogens fail to return after their ravages. Hence, smarter and more effective strategies, both in costs and in results, should be developed to resist and mitigate the future outbreaks of epidemics.

What Would be an Ideal Solution ?

An “ideal solution” should be one that is low cost with high effectiveness in thwarting the spread of the pathogens at the earliest stage of their emergence in human. In this scenario, fatality should be minimized while herculean, centralized efforts by the governments and heroic medical and scientific professional efforts become unnecessary. Such a “solution” would invoke the scenes of ‘stopping the barbarians at the gate’ or the ‘Chinese Great Wall’ to impede the enemies at their first intrusions.

Many could dismiss this type of “solution” as fantasy. Yet, since the SARS pandemic, critical disinfection technologies have advanced to enable the “solution” practicable, particularly for airborne and surface-adherent pathogens. Hence, a holistic approach to protect the individuals with suitable covering (e.g. masks, gowns, shields, gloves and sanitizers), accompanied by effective disinfections of the indoor air spaces, surfaces and other articles (e.g. garments, handbags) could be contemplated. Based on these notions, Zigen developed a strategy called the ‘4-D’ Anti-pandemic Total Solution to employ the latest technologies to achieve the goal of inhibiting the pathogens at their first appearance.

What is ‘4-D’ Anti-pandemic Total Solution ?

The solution is called ‘4-D’ Anti-pandemic Total Solution because it is composed of four areas each depicted by a letter ‘D’ as described below.

  1. Personal Defense (by donning facemasks etc. and using alcoholic sanitizers, testing kits etc.)
  2. Areal Disinfection (cleansing indoor and public carrier cabins’ air with various plasma purifiers such as air conditioning retrofits, wall-mount and portable devices)
  3. Surface Decontamination (using highly effective and long lasting germicidal sprays on walls and furniture)
  4. Pathogen Decimation (killing pathogen on articles such as garments and soiled areas)

When these 4 measures are executed together with the highly potent plasma and ionized metal disinfection technology used indoors and the protective items worn outdoors and in suspected areas, pathogen transmission by means of air and/or surfaces can be effectively reduced to the minimum.